Our Purpose: Making an Impact

Beauty for Every Shade

I want every person who uses Sudaniya Organics to learn to embrace their natural skin tone.

Being Kind to Earth

All of our packing and mailing supplies are biodegradable and made from recycled material.

Giving Back to the Community

I wanted my brand to be beauty brand with a purpose.  I believe in the power of giving back in any way possible.
...with Sudaniya Organics, you can have it all: luxury, clean, non-toxic skincare with a purpose.

How did Sudaniya Organics come about?

Sudaniya Organics did not just start 5 years ago when I made my first facial oil, but many years before that. It started when I was a young girl and my mom would create her own oil blend and put it in my hair, tie it up with a plastic bag, and keep it on me overnight. Sudaniya Organics stemmed from my summers in Sudan and witnessing first hand the power of natural ingredients in not only healing but beautifying. It came with my mom choosing to medicate us with herbs and having a blend for every ale and sickness. 
As I got older, I began a conscious quest for a toxin free lifestyle. I discovered that everything I used in my skincare was filled with toxins. How good is it to watch what I eat when I was harming my largest organ? My skin! That’s when I made my first facial oil. I’ve always had a passion for skincare, I loved trying new products and discovering new products. All of a sudden my passion turned into me making my own products. I continued to research oils and discover new blends. Little by little I was making myself multiple products that were actually working.
(Because my first oil definitely did not work so well... but that’s a story for another day).
Before I knew it I was making oils for myself, my husband, and my friends. That’s when the idea of turning my hobby into an actual business began to grow (thanks to my husband). I wanted my brand to be completely non-toxic with all natural ingredients. I wanted to highlight not only African ingredients but also natural ingredients that have been used in beauty for years all around the world. I also wanted my brand to have a luxury feel because who doesn’t want to feel like royalty while taking care of their skin? And not just any royalty, but African royalty! So join me in going back to our roots and using natural ingredients in our beauty and skincare routine.